Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Political activism

It's April and election season in India. Business and development are on every candidate's agenda, but for what may be the first time ever, environmental causes are also being considered. 

It's heartening to see politicians accept that environmental action is are necessary components of their plans in office. Both major parties contending for seats in the Parliament, the Congress and BJP, have reinforced their aims to find the right balance of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, as well as limiting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Anna da Costa, a research fellow based in New Delhi for the Worldwatch Institute, suggests that carrying out sustainability plans are definitely more difficult than giving lip service to environmental issues. Worldwide frameworks for implementing and reaching environmental targets haven't been clearly created yet, giving the new administration of rather chaotic India quite a task to live up to. 

I'm so glad that India is beginning to reflect on its impact on the environment. A large, populous country changing its ways to help the planet may sway other governments to do the same. It's imperative, however, that elected officials follow through on their promises. I hope India becomes a model for developing countries' sustainability paths. It's exciting to see positive change. 

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