Wednesday, May 15, 2013

399 > 350 ppm Carbon Dioxide

Just a few weeks after Earth Month, you might expect positive results from all the environmental efforts being done worldwide.

The opposite, however, has been reported from scientists of the Scripps Institution of Oceonography, from Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. 

We are currently at 399 parts per million of carbon dioxide worldwide. 

400 ppm of carbon dioxide is an unprecedented measure of carbon dioxide and is a key indicator of the needed involvement of politicians as well as common citizens to help the situation. Carbon dioxide levels are rising exponentially and contributing significantly to global warming, as the gas amplifies the greenhouse gas effect. 

Fossil fuels can be identified as the top contributor to rising carbon dioxide levels and the group has been active for the past several years to influence policy makers to start acting on the issue. 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide is the appropriate healthy level for the world. 

Read more about on my blog here, or visit their website. Get involved; the near future calls for it. The governments of the world and society at large can't hold off such an issue much longer. 

Here's a graphic from the New York Times that puts everything into shocking perspective: 

In the wake of global carbon dioxide levels reaching 400 ppm, Global Issues Network at SAS is holding a movie event called Do The Math. Check to see if there are any viewings in your area:

350 ppm - Do The Math! Let's do our part to help the environment. 

To learn more about rising carbon dioxide levels, visit and