Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Apple acknowledges climate change

Sorry about missing a February post! School has been busy - Global Issues Network is hosting a local conference for students islandwide - GINSING2014 - to brainstorm solutions to issues prevalent in Singapore on March 16th. We're also trying to integrate sustainable uniforms, made by Waste 2 Wear, into the school's dress code policy to promote closing the consumer waste cycle. A number of fundraisers, like County Fair at school, have been helping us raise money for our causes. It's been a busy few weeks! I hope the outcomes turn out positively as well. 

This recent article by the Guardian may herald a new wave of corporate sustainability. Apple has declared that it will continue to invest in sustainable energy resources, attempting to "curb its environmental impact" while fighting "the use of minerals mined in the DRC that can fund war and human rights abuses." When multinational corporations start making it clear that they support protecting the planet, I take it as a good sign. Hopefully this will encourage others to take a stand against rising carbon dioxide emissions. Let's hope that Apple sticks to their promises.

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