Monday, December 9, 2013

Senior Capstone - Quick Start Guide to a Green School

For my Senior Capstone Project, I created a Quick Start Guide to a Green School; access it here.

This Quick Start Guide to Green Schools aims to inspire, encourage, and teach schools how to become more conscious of their actions and environment. Empowering students, faculty, and staff – a grassroots effort – is crucial to protecting the environment. The guide aims to foster beneficial environmental plans, proceeded by action, among schools worldwide. There are many ways to achieve sustainability but the key is to build a plan for the long term.  This guide is only one means of beginning a green school. There are so many ideas, steps, stages to follow but there is no set formula. By the end, hopefully your school will be more cognizant of energy, water, transportation, and waste issues, determined to make a difference through curricular changes, facilities management, and community involvement – the holistic approach to sustainability that involves every section of the school.

Singapore American School is used as a case study as a comprehensive example of successful environmental action across curriculum, facilities, and community support.

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